Short Thin Birch Bark Earrings

Short Thin Birch Bark Earrings

Copper with gold plated earring hooks or brass with silver plated earring hooks. 1” long and 0.4” wide.


Ethically scourced metal and handmade wearable art.


Unique Devi Arts Collective strives to create beautiful natural gold and silver jewelry for the wandering soul. 


In 2014, designer and goldsmith, Bayoush Mengesha started Devi Arts Collective to take inspiration from the beautiful and extraordinary world around her. Every design starts from Bayoush’s imagination while she immerses herself in the beautiful world that surrounds her. Every texture, every ridge she creates in her pieces mimics images of nature. Bayoush’s Ethiopian heritage has taught her about the beauty which can come from that delicate dance between the simple and the complex.