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Find wellness in every adventure! Join our Runa Yoga community as we explore the Northland together.

Runa Yoga Offerings

Local Yoga Offerings

Unique yoga offerings based in the Northland.

On-Demand Yoga

Enjoy Runa Yoga classes virtually. Anytime, anywhere.

Wayfinder Retreats

Overnight retreats complete with yoga, meals, lodging, and adventure!

Corporate Wellness

Runa Yoga comes to you! Invest in group wellness.

"A few things I love about Runa are that they are passionate about sustainability, supporting local businesses, offering organic and natural products, and getting involved in the Duluth community!"


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Returning To Our Roots

Runa Yoga has always been passionate about meeting our community right where they are, whether deep within the woods, next door in local Duluth shops, or up the Northshore for an unforgettable retreat. It's time to experience wellness in every adventure, regardless of location!

That is why we are happy to tell you Runa Yoga is coming out of the studio and on the road! We have outgrown our need for a physical studio space and will now be found in complete collaboration with our community, offering our yoga services at varying Northland locations. Thank you for joining Runa Yoga on our adventure back to our roots and back to our community!

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