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Breathing to the Beat: Benefits of Music in Yoga

Do you know that feeling? You arrive at your yoga class, at the end of a long day, and let all your stress melt away to the beat of the music. Yes, that feeling. You’re moving, breathing and vibing. Music brings many benefits to your practice - some genres more than others. Keep reading to find out more…

Practicing with music helps to reduce anxiety and flow to the rhythm. Music takes your brain to a level of consciousness to help you feel and practice at your best. Essentially, you're breathing and moving to the beat of the music.

Did you know certain genres have different effects on you? Soothing Jazz is said to have healing powers; Classical is good for memory; and rhythmic beats evoke trance in meditation. If you prefer to jam and practice to House, Indie-Folk or instrumentals, that’s wonderful, too. Your practice and music choice is meant to benefit you in the present moment.

What’s your music picks? Let us know in the comments below!

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