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Glow with Empowerment On + Off Your Yoga Mat

When challenges and change stomp on our lives, it's human nature to turn away from the exhaustion it causes us. You deal with challenges by removing your focus from the present moment; you turn your attention to better days or stuff your feelings into a tiny, invisible box. This is normal and it's okay to recognize our human nature.

Hidden on the other side of challenges and changes, empowerment coaxes us to remember our confidence. It always lives within us, whether we allow it to illuminate or keep it hidden from time-to-time. Empowerment helps us remember our inner, radiant strength, kindness and spirit. You see, it's not something that comes and goes; it's always within us and ready to glow.

To empower yourself is to stay in the present moment. Now, think about when you're practicing on your yoga mat. At the beginning of each class you know some things are certain: you're about to challenge yourself, you're about to move your body, you're going to breathe and focus, and finally, you're going to stretch your mind, too. Yoga reminds us to live in the present moment and guides us through the challenges ahead.

In the same ways you can move and breathe in the present moment on your mat, you can move and breathe in the present moment through challenges and changes. In doing this, you may notice your good friend 'empowerment' glowing from your spirit and into the world. Let it glow!

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