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Virtual or In-Person Yoga: Why Not Both?

Lately we’ve found ourselves living through mismatched times: staying home yet being social, isolating yet gathering with friends, connecting virtually yet in-person... We find these mismatching options present with yoga classes, too: should I practice online from home or go to the studio today? It’s time to talk about the unknown: is there a better choice, virtual or in-person yoga?

Honestly, there is no right answer. It depends on your preference and how you choose to absorb the benefits of your practice. We believe in the power of perspective - you will find benefits where you perceive them.

We feel there is no pros-and-cons list challenging virtual yoga vs. studio yoga. Instead, let's highlight positive aspects of both options; after all, acknowledging positives is a wonderful perspective to have all on its own.

Physical camaraderie is, perhaps, the biggest perk of practicing in the studio; you get to be around others, feel a sense of belonging that we crave as humans, and envelop into the community. You may feel a sense of accountability with the community you don't get at home, especially with having a teacher present. In-person, your teacher is able to watch you more closely to offer safety tips or encouragement.

On the flip side, virtual yoga offers unique benefits too. If decorating or mood-setting are your fortes, you can create your ideal atmosphere. Perhaps you enjoy burning candles or incense while you practice - a personal perk to having your yoga mat set up at home. Virtual yoga also offers more “you” time. So if you choose to Shavasana for the entire practice, you go for it!

While the world around us continues to mismatch, let’s embrace the uplifting perspectives offered to us through our yoga practices. Let’s give encouragement to our fellow yogis on virtual mats or in the studio. After all, we’re all in this together.

Pictured: An example of Namastream classes, Runa Yoga's on-demand options. Discover more here.

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