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Self-Love In Action

The world around us right now seems to be constantly changing, filled with fear, and slowing down yet speeding up all at the same time.

With all that’s going on, showing yourself love is incredibly important for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. How do you reflect self-love?

Perhaps you show yourself love in small actions? You take time to do something you love, and shift your attention away from worldly pressures. Small actions, even if just for a few minutes, have a BIG impact in our well-being.

Maybe it starts within your own thoughts? Notice any judgments you hold about yourself. Acknowledge and release them. Think lovingly to and about yourself, and forgive when you catch yourself being unkind.

Sometimes it helps to take a moment and let it all out. Laugh. Cry. Dance. Smile. Scream. Punch the air. Star jump. Celebrate. Curl into a ball. Take a nap. Write. Do more yoga. Connect with a friend. Whatever method you choose, it’s okay.

Moments of self-love build us up and make us more resilient to the pressures all around. Small, loving actions can make a BIG difference!

Leave a comment to share other ways to show self-love!

P.S. Enjoy a self-loving smile with these puppers:

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