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What To Think About In Shavasana?

Relaxing and breathing is harder than it looks! @balancedrootsretreats
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As we all know, this is an especially trying time in history bombarded with changes and uncertainty. We are all affected in many areas of our life. Some of us have lost jobs, are experiencing financial strain, figuring out hybrid models of learning, noticing changes in social life and mental health, and just honestly trying to adapt with the times.

In Yoga, we remember to focus on our calm, grounded self within and observe the changes in the world around us. Shavasana is a great pose to practice calm and grounding.

Picture this: You're on your mat after a rejuvenating, intentional practice and settling into your final Shavasana. You've worked out any last movements, especially the kinks in your lower back! Now you're laying there, ready to relax, take some deep breaths, and let the world melt away... but you keep thinking about your To Do List for tomorrow or that looming overdue bill...

Yes, relaxing and breathing is harder than it looks! Here's something that may help:

Try this when your mind starts wandering. With each inhale, think to yourself, “I breathe in.” With each exhale, repeat, “I breathe out.” Try it now! Ready? Close your eyes and take a deep inhale.

"I breathe in. I breathe out."

How did it go? Did you notice anything new happening?

Remember, you are human so it is normal for your mind to wander. When unwanted thoughts arise in your practice, simply acknowledge them without judgement and let them pass. Then you can get back to thinking, "I breathe in."

Try this as often as you need to practice clearing your mind. Eventually, practice becomes a habit.

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