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Self-Love On + Off Your Mat

Take a moment to check in with yourself. Have you smiled today? How have you been feeling? How have you been treating yourself?

Show yourself some love today! It’s February - the season of love - after all.

Borrow a self-loving pose or movement from your Yoga practice and try it during another part of your day.

There’s magic to be found with a loving, impromptu Child’s Pose in your office or placing a hand over your heart for a few beats while reheating that cup of coffee. Even while out-and-about, you may decide to stop for a few breaths in Star Pose to channel strength and energy. Remember to stop in a safe spot while maintaining safe social distancing.

Need more ideas? Read about self-love variations in Yoga poses.

Great job keeping your self-love energized on your Yoga mat and beyond.

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