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Make February About Self-Love

It’s February! The month of love, stuffed teddy bears, and heart-shaped chocolates. For a new spin this Valentine’s season, let's focus all that mushy-goodness back to ourselves. That’s right, self-love.

Self-love is just as you may suspect: loving yourself. Self-love gives you permission to show yourself the same kindness that you show your friends. It reminds you to speak kindly to yourself just as you do a child. It helps you encourage yourself to be happy like you encourage a neighbor.

Let’s show ourselves some love with Yoga this month!

Remind yourself how much you love YOU by placing a hand over your heart. Feel it beating. Feel your breathing. Close your eyes. Embrace this self-loving gesture at any time in your practice.

Feel strong in a power pose. Grow from a Goddess Pose into a self-loving star-variation with hands spread wide, arms reaching tall, and energetic posture. Take a moment to love your energy and what your body allows you to do.

Give your inner child some extra self-love this month in an extra long Child’s Pose. Allow yourself this nurturing space without passing judgement.

As we flow through all the February feels, remember you deserve to show love to number one... YOU.

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