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Your Yoga Practice Is Mental Hygiene Done Your Way

Think back to your education from childhood, adolescence, and young adult years. What do you remember learning?

Did you receive tools to help handle daily stress? How about knowledge on how to cope with trauma? Probably not. Unlike understanding dental hygiene to prevent cavities, most of us never learned mental hygiene.

Mental hygiene is something we experience in our own way based on our own environments and experiences. Yoga is a mental hygiene form to help us become more resilient: mentally, emotionally, and physically. This is your journey and you need something unique.

What do you need today? Restful sleep, deeper breaths, a moment of calm, time to yourself, sense of community, feelings of strength? Go for it! You got this!

Yoga has been known to bring many healing properties. It can soothe physically and emotionally, promote sleep, helps teens fight the blues, ease anxiety, and has many other social values. So, go and seek what you need!

Source courtesy: Broad, William J. The Science of Yoga. Simon & Schuster, 2012.

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