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Your Mindful Meditation Journey Is Unique To Your Mind

There’s a common misconception surrounding meditation: that it’s only for certain groups of people who look or act in certain ways. I’m here to debunk this stereotype and help share why everyone in the world can try meditating!

First, despite the images you see on social media, there is no perfect appearance to meditation. You can meditate sitting down, legs crossed, wearing baggy pants, laying on your couch, curled up in a blanket, eyes open or closed, making a silly face, standing on one foot, or upside down if you really wanted. There is no right or wrong look to meditation. What matters most is your experience or what you learn from your practice.

Meditation is rooted in Eastern Buddhist traditions, and over time and travel the practice itself has taken on many implementations. In other words, you can find new, brilliant meditation practices and traditions in all corners of the world. There’s no one perfect way. Instead of trying to make it Instagram-worthy, focus more on turning your attention inward for emotional and physical benefits of meditating.

Second, find what works best for you. You may have tried a meditation practice that you really like and continue to revisit. This is great! If you haven’t, have no fear, there’s literally thousands of available options. The main importance is that you try, try again, and seek the health benefits of your practice. This is your journey. Some practices will be easier than others, but all mindful meditation is good meditation.

With a variety of options, I encourage you to try something new! Some good places to seek meditation, which you can do today, are: download an app on your phone, be within nature, join a yoga class, start within the comfort of your own home, count your breathing, or talk with a friend about how they meditate.

Meditation takes many forms, actions, and poses.

Lastly, remember that what works for you may be different than what works for your neighbor. We are all unique individuals with our own histories, personalities, environments, and life stories. Yes, it may be challenging to accept the ambiguity of meditation, especially in a society that demands perfection and sets unattainable lifestyle standards. We’re all simply human. We’re all simply unique in our humanity.

Let’s lift each other up, celebrate one another, and grow our loving spirits. Your meditation journey is wonderful and your neighbor’s journey is wonderful, too. Let’s ALL thrive together.

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